Working team

The key of our success: a great human team.

From the beginning FLYMCA has been able to equip itself with the best professionals and technological means. All the departments that make part of the company combine the great experience that a large part of its staff has with new wisdom, young graduates and professionals from other sectors that add value to our products is combined. It invests in continuous training of a technical, commercial and administrative nature for all workers. In FLYMCA an average of 75 people work distributed mainly in 4 different areas:


Management is involved in each and every project that is executed or just proposed for quoting. Easy access to management team by all the people with any relation with the business makes part of our way of doing. General management is directly in contact with customers developing the commercial offers. Negotiations are personalized with each client and each order.


FLYMCA has modern 3D design methods as well as calculation programs based on finite element analysis with which the different parts of the machines are dynamically evaluated before manufacturing. The constant evolution of the products is followed to be applied in a real and practical way in the projects.


FLYMCA’s main competitive advantage is based on the ability to carry out the entire production process together with a deep control of its suppliers. All the machinery is made entirely by our means and our suppliers are within a radius of less than 15 km, so the monitoring is constant and easy thus the quality results are according to what we expect.


All the machinery assembling is carried out at FLYMCA facilities by its own staff. The commissioning and start-up of the machines at customer’s plant as well as the (SAT) after-sales service represent one of the main strengths of FLYMCA.  These activities include not only the installation and start-up of the machine at customer’s plant but also the subsequent training of its personnel, after-sales service and the machine maintenance guarantee during the next years of useful life.  Experience becomes the key factor and that is where FLYMCA reaches a high value.

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