FLYMCA has updated and expanded its facilities to enable the manufacture and assembly of any machine model, however large it may be. Machining machinery, cranes and work systems are prepared to meet the needs of any project.

The welding process is fully controlled, conducting trials by companies external verification unions responsibility.

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The manufacturing of the main critical parts is realized into the factory with modern CNC mechanizing machines. All the control instruments are regularly verified by a specialized company with a certified laboratory which ensures every year that they are in optimal condition to be used.

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Assembling of all machines is done at FLYMCA workshops, prior to shipment to its final location, to ensure that all manufactured items comply with the requirements and the operators in charge of the installation at customer's plant become familiar with the specific characteristics of the project.

Responsible for all departments perform constant coordination meetings to monitor the projects development and achieve the highest quality. It is also considered how to develop and implement the latest industrial innovations that allow the development of more efficient and reliable machines.

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