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The key of our success: our human team.

Since the beginning, FLYMCA managed to have the best professional engineers, technicians as well as technical solutions. In all the departments is used a mixture of experienced with new and young technicians coming from other areas and bringing added value to the products. There is a continuous investment in formation of our technical, commercial and administrative people. An average of 50 people are working in FLYMCA, mainly distributed in 4 different areas:

MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION: management is involved completely in the projects actively participating from quotations stage to final commissioning and after sales service. The negotiations are customized in order to perfectly understand the customer requirement and product details required for each machine and project.

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INGINEERING AND DEVELOPMENT: DEPARTMENT: FLYMCA uses modern designing methods in 3D with finite elements calculation programs with which parts are dynamically analysed before starting the manufacturing. The continuous evolution of the equipment is followed carefully in order to be applied in a real and practical way on the machines that are produced.

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FLYMCA MANUFACTURING TEAM: there is a real competitive advantage based on the capacity to realize all the production process (welding and machining) additionally to the fact to perform a strong and continuous quality control among others on our suppliers. Outsourcing is located in a radio of max 15 kms from the FLYMCA factory. The follow-up is permanent, that’s the base of quality.

ASSEMBLING, INSTALLATION AND COMMISSIONING: the assembling is realized into the factory by FLYMCA’s experienced staff. The commissioning at customer’s plant as well as the after sales service are really an additional key advantage for FLYMCA machines These activities are not only involving the installation and commissioning in customer’s plant but also the teaching of customer’s operators and technicians; after sales service and maintenance guarantee for the future. The experience is the real key point in this area and FLYMCA gets high added value in this field.

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