Double Torsion lines

Machines with high production capacity

For the manufacture of “unilay” conductors in low and medium voltage cables. Aluminum cables (ACSR, AAAC,…) or copper, flexible conductor cabling and insulated laying-up. It is also prepared for compacting by die externally with high ratios or internally by die and/or rollers.

Automatic main bearings lubrication on the machine with constant temperature and vibration monitoring.

Power transmission through slip-rings with brushes and communication data by WIFI.

For energy conductors:

  • Bobbins Dia. 1250 – 1600 – 1800 – 2000 mm.
  • Conductor section from 16 to 400 mm2.
  • Effective production speed: up to 200 m / min.

Auxiliary double torsion lines

  • Basket type unwinders
  • Support for static, motorized rotating or idle row formation with and without lubrication
  • Prewinder
  • Double twist wire harness
  • Cabin type fenders
  • Lifting table