Drum Twister

Process experience and high manufacturing robustness

For cabling of low and medium voltage conductors, screening and armoring and of high and very high voltage conductors, sector type (MILLIKEN).
They include coil loading systems with approach cars and lifting platforms.
Full range of work coils, from Dia. 1250 to 4200 mm.

 We have all the elements that are part of these lines:

  • Pay-offs: Fork or disc type.
  • Sector corrector and formation blocks.
  • Longitudinal tapes of semiconductor tape (Milliken type).
  • Straighteners for steel wires when Armoring.
  • Metallic and non-metallic taping heads.
  • Rotating caterpillars for pulling capacities up to 10 Ton.
  • Take-ups in fork or disc type. Bob. Dia. up to 5 m and 50 Ton.


  • Rotary unwinder, rotary fork unwinder
  • Sectoral proofreader
  • Training Support
  • Reinforcement support
  • Fiber optic unwinders
  • Basket type unwinders for arming
  • MILIKEN belt guide
  • Formation support, Motorized swath formation support
  • Wrapper, tangential wrap, tangential wrap non-metallic tapes, tangential wrap metal tapes, concentric wrap, inclined wrap, longitudinal wrap.
  • Ligators
  • Rotating caterpillar winch, rotating caterpillar
  • Rotating Reel