Armoring and screening lines

Construction based on the type of rigid cages.

Prepared for large number of bobbins, e.g. 48 bobbins with 6 rows of 8 bobbins each.
Minimum points of contact of the wires from the exit of the bobbin till the formation die.

Option to place FO elements from planetary disc placed on the nose.

Auxiliary machines for Armoring and screening lines

  • Pay-offs: static, columns, self-traversing, gantry and on rollers.
  • Dancer units for speed control.
  • Forming stands for die (static or rotating). Cooling option.
  • Preforming heads to add at the cage nose for armoring.
  • Application systems of swelling water blocking yarns and tapes.
  • Tandem tuve between cages.
  • Loading systems: automatic by lateral, from floor at 45º and from overhead crane.
  • Guards and protections.
  • Taping heads: tangential, concentric and inclined.
  • Caterpillar with high pulling strength capacity.
  • Take-ups: columns, self-traversing, by forks or gantry type.

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