Planetary stranders and laying-up lines

High-capacity mechanics for high quality work

Complete range of manufacturing of this type of machines covered by Bob. with diameters from 500 to 3000 mm.
Varied tension control systems: mechanical brake with sensitive arm, electro-magnetic brakes with automated bobbin fill control, motorized systems with dancer control option when low tensions are required.
With the possibility of including loading systems synchronized with the machine. With special systems of closing / opening of pintles. Fillers option by bobbins or cops.
100% detorsion systems or variable detorsion common or independent for each bobbin.

Prepared for manufacturing:

  • High strength steel ropes.
  • Umbilical cable laying-up.
  • Laying-up pipes and/or cables for off-shore conductors and umbilicals.
  • Armoring with galvanized steel wires.
  • Screening with copper wires.
  • OPGW cabling lines.
  • Continuous trasposed conductors (CTC)

Auxiliary machinery for Planetary stranders

  • Pay-offs: static, columns, self-traversing, gantry and on rollers.
  • Dancer units for speed control.
  • SZ system for 6-wire layer.
  • Forming stands for die (static or rotating). Cooling option.
  • Compacting heads by rollers prepared for pre-spiral sector.
  • Application systems of swelling water blocking yarns and tapes.
  • Tandem tuve between cages.
  • Loading systems: automatic by lateral, from floor at 45º and from overhead crane.
  • Guards and protections.
  • Capstans: double pulley or single pulley.
  • Taping heads: tangential, concentric and inclined.
  • Take-ups: columns, self-traversing, by forks or gantry type.