Collaboration agreement with the Department of Electronic Technology and Systems and Automation Engineering of the UNIVERSITY of CANTABRIA

Collaboration agreement with the University of Cantabria, Departments of Electronic Technology and Systems and Automation Engineering for the study, development and implementation in one of our machines of a specialized transformer for electrical management of both voltage and current, which allows a Bidirectional flow control of high response speed with which significant energy savings occur.


Collaboration agreement with the Women and Talent Association dedicated to stimulate, promote and develop the talent of girls, youth and women in the educational, social, cultural, sports, artistic and professional fields. The main project is the educational called STEM TALENT GIRL focused on developing vocations in STEM careers (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).


Sponsorship of the Benjamin team of the Sociedad Deportiva de la Cultural de Guarnizo as well as the facilities for the practice of football in Guarnizo.

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