R&D Projects

Flymca has carried out an Industry 4.0 project, funded by the Industry 4.0 program of the Ministry of Industry of the Government of Cantabria, and by the FEDER funds. In the project, a new machine has been connected intelligently, a 3 cage rigid strander, getting the following functionalities:

  • Receive data from the PLC and sensors continuously, through readings every second, through a specialized communication card.
  • Monitor the operation of the machine, its motors, its drives, the linear speed and the rotation of the cages, the safety access systems of machine, the tension of the cable and creating synoptic with the potential possibility of wire break, etc.
  • Monitor the operation of auxiliary elements, such as the loading systems for bobbins as well as the taping heads, binding heads, etc…
  • Automatic calculation of the OEE thanks to the data obtained. It has been considered the loading time, production time and performance in the operation of the machine, complemented by the quality rate of the manufactured batches.
  • Monitor machine recipes. Recipes means the different parameters set for the fabrication of each type of cable.
  • Perform an advanced maintenance of the machine in real time, anticipating possible failures, controlling its good use according to specifications, checking the wearing of some critical components thanks to measures on vibrations, temperatures or distances.
  • Assist the installation and start-up procedure of the machine at customer’s plant and the test plan necessary for its validation.

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