Rigid strander

Large production capacity machines

Prepared for bobbins Dia. 630 mm to 800 mm (31.5 inch) with automatic side or floor loading systems at 45º as well as special systems adapted to customer needs.
Configurations from 19 to 127 wires. Uniform and controlled wire tension with great precision.

Line configurations from 19 to 127 wires.

Special systems for wires guiding with sections: trapezoidal, Z shaped and rectangular.

These lines are complemented with auxiliary machines such as:

Auxiliary machinery for RIGID

  • Pay-offs: static, columns, self-traversing, gantry and on rollers.
  • Dancer units for speed control.
  • SZ system for 6-wire layer.
  • Forming stands for die (static or rotating). Cooling option.
  • Compacting heads by rollers prepared for pre-spiral sector.
  • Application systems of swelling water blocking yarns and tapes.
  • Tandem tuve between cages.
  • Loading systems: automatic by lateral, from floor at 45º and from overhead crane.
  • Guards and protections.
  • Capstans: double pulley or single pulley.
  • Taping heads: tangential, concentric and inclined.
  • Take-ups: columns, self-traversing, by forks or gantry type.