S-Z Laying-up lines

Heavy machine for big size power conductors for submarine and offshore

Prepared to cable conductors and large section cables for power transmission (individual conductors up to 630 mm²) including other power cables, FO and hoses.

Focused on cables for the marine market and renewable energy.

Machine adapted to the cabling and laying-up needs of each client, differentiated by the sections and the number of elements to be wired Motorized torque by means of servomotors with configurable stops and starts.

Auxiliary machines to work with S-Z lines

  • Pay-offs in different construction types: Static, columns, self-traversing, forks, gantry, on rollers, …
  • Dancer and accumulators for conductors.
  • Capstans and caterpillars.
  • Guards and protection systems to fulfil the safety requirements.
  • Taping and binding heads.
  • Take-ups: static, columns, self-traversing, with forks, or gantry …