Tubular stranders

Quality and experience to obtain unbeatable machines

High capacity machines, fast, reliable and very long-lasting. High quality bearings that allow turning at high turns. Multiple configurations to work with bobbins from Dia. 500 to 900 mm and larger specials according to customer specs for customized solutions.
With automated loading systems, greasing systems inside the tube, binding units for internal layers, back-torsion core mechanisms, etc …
Option to add a larger coil with core element in the head to avoid twisting it (BULL-HEAD)


  • Standard speeds for 630 mm bobbins: 1000 rpm for the 6 bobbins and up to 950 rpm for the 12 bobbins.
  • Multiple and special configurations.
  • BULK HEAD: for OPGW cable or steel core cable. With passage of threads by liras. Dia reels. 1000 ; 1250 ; 1600 mm.
  • Tandem tubes between cars.
  • Possibility of incorporating a loader for the whole semi-automatic machine.


  • Soft, medium and high carbon steel strands and/or ropes.
  • Special options as grease applicators, fiber optic in steel tube elements, binding heads, etc…
  • OPGW type cables: Fiber optic cable core surrounded by Al wires. Core bobbins Dia.. 1250 – 1400 – 1600 mm.

Auxiliary machinery for TUBULAR

  • Pay-offs in different construction types: Static, columns, self-traversing, forks, gantry, on rollers, …
  • Options to work on bearings or rollers GESADUR brand.
  • Bulk head for core elements on bobbins from Dia. 1000 to 1600 mm.
  • Preformers
  • Postformers.
  • Capstans: double pulley, single pulley or caterpillars.
  • Taping and binding units: for metallic and non-metallic tapes and every type of material on binders.
  • Protections guards for safety to fulfill CE or local standards.
  • Take-ups: static, columns, self-traversing, with forks, or gantry …