A record number of worldwide purchase orders and some new product designs for special cables make part of the last year company achievements.


Technology advanced

Thanks to the global effort of the whole team, the year closed with an increase of orders which let us think in a successful next future during the coming 2018. Most of orders came from Europe and USA from well-known companies with projects bringing added value thanks to the fact that they were special lines requiring high technology.


Plant extension

In order to accommodate the continuous growth of business as well as the team that makes it possible, a factory extension has been done in order to increase the assembling capacity as well as to deliver larger machines more and more required by our customers for some markets as high voltage and submarine cables.


Improved products

Among the lines delivered last year, there were 3 very special/customized with a 100% new design for a very specialised market area requiring the last technology.

Those machines were a 6 cage stranding line for producing conductors with up to 127 wires either round, flat or trapezoidal. Prepared to produce compacted sections up 3000 mm2 with a single pulley capstan 4,6 m diameter and a vertical caterpillar prepared to drive the conductor to a rotating table. Integrating a specialised automatic bobbins loading system synchronised with both the strander and the AGV system that brings the reels.

The second line delivered and commissioned was a planetary line with 2 stranding cages for 30 and 36 reels, prepared to work as one line for a double layer production, one lay up to 66 wires production or as 2 separate lines each producing a different cable. All the reels are motorized with a dancer mechanism allowing controlling each wire tension with 1 daN and large pulleys to avoid low bending radius. Specially focused for the production of super conductors as well as armouring and stranding.

The third machine is a large planetary line for 12 reels diameter 1600 mm. It was designed mainly for laying-up the super conductors made on previous machine thus requiring a very soft tension control as well as minimum bending radius. Cradles were then inclined thus allowing a minimum conductor bending. The line was also prepared for laying-up sectoral pre-spiralized conductors as Milliken.


During 2018 FLYMCA continues in such a way with another very special/customized and heavy duty planetary used for armouring submarine cables.  A set of rigid stranders with different configurations for the power cables market are also being produced.