FLYMCA continues for the third year focused on its main targets:  machinery for production of special cables (offshore, submarine and umbilicals), without forgetting its traditional markets such as power cables and special customized cables with high added value.

Special rigid stranding lines designed for production of top quality HV conductors, including waterproof systems such as yarns, tapes or injected paste. Lines prepared to work with round, rectangular or trapezoidal shaped wires. With larger bobbins than traditional 630 DIN to maximize production and decrease number of stops. Very efficient wire tension control from full to empty bobbin. Advanced loading systems that allow increasing the machine OEE.


A record number of worldwide purchase orders and some new product designs for special cables make part of the last year company achievements.


Technology advanced

Thanks to the global effort of the whole team, the year closed with an increase of orders which let us think in a successful next future during the coming 2018. Most of orders came from Europe and USA from well-known companies with projects bringing added value thanks to the fact that they were special lines requiring high technology.


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